Why is the Symbol Pi Used?

The number pi is equal to 3.141592653 and
so on and so on… and it represents the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter,
but why is the symbol pi used? Why not use c, or even phi? What about a circle? Why not
a picture of a cat? The idea is that any symbol could have been used, and the number would
still be 3.14159. Well when Archimedes started to calculate pi by using polygons with more
and more sides he needed a letter to label the number he found. Being Greek he used periféreia
meaning periphery, or perímetros meaning perimeter to describe the circumference of
the circle. Just as we would use H to label the height of a tree today he used the letter
pi from perímetros for the number 3.14159. That is why the symbol pi is used today.

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7 thoughts on “Why is the Symbol Pi Used?

  1. (0:10 – 0:27) So, basically what you're saying is…: They just used that symbol 'cause they COULD?… hmm… interessttinnnggggg

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