Why Personal Brand Is Key To Your Success by Marisa Murgatroyd

History is full of people who had life-changing ideas and knowledge and expertise, who never got the recognition they desired. It was never able to have the impact that they wanted with their ideas. They really fell into the dust of history books, never to achieve what they really wanted to achieve in their lifetime. There’s millions and millions of examples, my guess is you know someone who’s got an amazing amount of gifts to offer the world who hasn’t stepped into giving those gifts. If you look at Emily Dickinson, the poet, who died in her twenties or thirties, and when she died her family found a whole dresser full of poetry that never saw the light of day. Her entire life she wrote brilliant, brilliant poems, and has become one of the greatest american poets ever and no one read them until after she died because she couldn’t step into this beingness of being the messenger of her message, so she kept her message locked away in a drawer that no one ever found until she died. Now if you look at Nikola Tesla, you know he played second in the books of history to Thomas Edison. And Edison ripped off all of his ideas and presented them as his own, because Tesla thought it was just about being in his genius zone. He invented all kinds of things like radio and alternating currents, and things that we use today. And people don’t recognize him as the person who invented that. But Edison, they were the same generation, he came along and he branded himself as the greatest inventor known to man, and the history books recognize Edison and they don’t always recognize Tesla. So I see this all the time of people who got these amazing gifts and don’t understand how to really present themselves and packaged themselves so people can understand and value their knowledge and expertise. And it kind of breaks my heart because the truth is that you have everything, absolutely everything that you need to make a massive difference and change the lives of lots of people in this world. You don’t need to learn more, you don’t need another certification, you don’t need to go get your PhD… All you need to do is step into the beingness of who you are and become the ‘you-est’ version of you. And when you do that, you send this loud, clear signal that’s unmistakable, that stands out from the noise of a billion websites online. And you get to have so much more fun living your message and being your message, than if you were to just base your business on what you know and what you do. So if you feel like your business hasn’t really been standing out up until now, that you’re not landing and resonating with your customers, you probably left one very important thing out of your business… You left you out of business. Whether you’re hiding behind your knowledge or expertise, you’re hiding behind your website, you’re hiding behind the technology, you’re hiding behind your gifts… Your customers are waiting for you to step forward from out of the shadow and step into the light and really be who you are in the world so they can truly resonate with you and say yes to you. So that’s the magic. You are the person that your tribe has been waiting for, that you have been waiting for. You are the missing ingredient in your business and the real secret to building a successful business online, a successful business in a world of a billion websites, is not to know more, it’s not to be better, it’s not trying to be faster or cheaper, anything like that. It’s to really turn up the dial of your unique expression, to understand deeply who you are in your essence, and how to project that into every interaction in every communication. And when you step forward, out of the shadows and into the light, you become a leader and a messenger to your tribe. You become someone they can say yes to and you start to magnetically attract them to you, to really pull them in, draw them in, rather than trying to force and push your message out into the world. So I just want to say that you are ready. And the time is now and you don’t need to do anything more, you just have to start being. Welcome to the Power of You.

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