Xeikon Laser Die-cut Unit: Printing and finishing short run labels in a productive way

The market we see that label runs are becoming
shorter and shorter, because the fact that SKUs, stock keeping units, are going up and
up. It’s not always easy to produce those labels
in a productive way. But here we have a solution that exactly does
that. It can produce labels in automatic way, it
can cope with the job change from one label to another one in automatic way without the
need of operator interaction. We are printing today on PP White, from Basson. We run that into the machine, the machine
is the Xeikon 3300, which can print in five colors. The buffer in between the printing press and
the finishing device gives you some kind of independence. You can stop the finishing device without
having to stop the printing press, because the buffer gives you about two minutes time
to do some actions on the finishing device. The finishing device that we are using today
is the LDU, the Laser Die-cut Unit. What we are doing is applying UV varnish,
then die-cutting with the help of the laser unit, slitting and heat-winding the finished
rolls. What makes this solution so unique is that
we can switch from one label to another, not only in printing it, but also in finishing
it. The laser unit will automatically change its
shape and its cuts when the shape of the label changes. You see that the Laser Die-cut Unit slows
down, temporarily, when it changes from one label shape to another. But this is no problem because there is a
buffer unit in between the Xeikon printing press and the Laser Die-cut Unit. One unique aspect of the X-800 digital
frontend is that we are doing impositioning after the rip. There is the find where the labels are on
the wrap. That information is taken by the vectorizer
software and sent to the laser unit. On the wrap the press will also print a barcode. A barcode that will vary depending on the
shapes of the labels. That barcode will be read by the laser unit
so it knows exactly what shape to cut at every specific moment. The process from ripping the different labels,
putting it in position, the vectorizer software that sends the information to the laser unit,
is very easily automated and as such, there is no operator action anymore needed. So this makes this solution a very unique
solution to print short run labels in a very productive way.

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