YG on Story Behind His 4HUNNID Brand

Learn all these things in the streets like how to be a businessman Nigga, Viscount Selling drugs you know I’m saying it’s like got a had cooked product product your client keep coming back in word-of-mouth con spread I Take stuff from night and applied to hard do business now If you just overall life that’s you know the daughter as a father as a businessman I feel like I learned a lot of my morals am I getting home from from the gang coach Big piece biggest weight glide and must dictate so Michael so, whoop so boom my bitch don’t read her shoes so hope to that time no time that’s true so won’t get ties but it wound that’s proof so hang on wait So niggas, should let everybody know that we ain’t starting the clock and to yzm them give us the okay I was always in a fashion on some high school shit it was different though I Was on some get old fashioned back then you know I’m saying but I was always one of the tools that a beat one of the ones in high school that was like to come to school best dressed type Shape why do you know he’s the state you can tell an art style is even my state with the flooded know the flooded pants yeah And in big tops you know I’m saying flannels we always been wearing flannel like why do you stand like used to be would escape like Exactly called boards and bras right it, was this shit right here you know recipe Start each other for CJ Mack I was like our homie we had our clay cardboards brother I did it off when I was young I skateboarded You know I’m saying involved in the gang cultures Like I can show you a lot of old flicks of like og gangsters like geez you know I’m saying the ones that was getting Money you know I’m saying they had Skinny jeans on searched up Phelps hard bottoms boots you know saying they was rockin shoes like this so When I decided I wanted to turn up on so fast shit Yeah, I. Was like I want to turn myself as shit but I want to keep my shit Westside and she’d up so I Sprinkled some of that into the 400 brand you know I’m saying you know my boy Gavin sprinkle some of his shit and shit you know I Was nervous fuck I don’t lie to you just cuz it Was like 7,000 people dear and I’m like damn we might have a fashion show the fashion show like 25 30 minutes Was like it’s these people won’t be sitting here Appreciating this shit or they’re gonna be mad as fuck bullying and shit you know I’m saying cuz at the rap shows and this one Here right this one if any see, who they can t see When the one like when the show started and shit, when a model start walking out everybody was screaming I was like oh yes lit its own We got a chance to highlight Barney’s in and talk to them before the fashion show all showed them the collection and they, was they fucked with it they liked it so we got confirmation on the Barney’s situation before the fashion show Was just made the fashion show better cuz I got to announce here this shitting board is too Nigga, here are top Boss soldiers it was like they’re like the set up was cold and it was just like we manifest that you know I’m talking about we talked about it talk about it it brought it to life in it Never produced a fashion show before this was our first time you know so but we just approached the head on it and and just Kind of took it and did it our way and worked it out? Long and just keep motivating the world and there but it is looking nuts because it’s like We really did a fashion show and we never did one and we just pulled it off you know I’m saying and it’s like Anything is possible Chase his dreams brother love you know what I’m saying follow up on him up But I tell people’s like you got to take that what you’re going through and use it as a fire broke you know I’m saying fuel to go fire that’s what you got to do cuz all the other shit is not gonna help me I’m Saying it’s gonna be posed to take what you’re going through and turn himself up. I’m saying like I said earlier Follow your dreams right so shit down right the process of how to get this shit done then figure the process out right the process down follow up on the Motherfuckers and do that shit and keep doing it and you got to get your situation sometime you can’t just feel like Oh, I’ve been doing this for two weeks or a month and ain’t shit happening this should take time I’ve been on that Cutting up on my waist like I’m trying to catch a case go bitch a neat little space Stain look on my face that’s too much drugs and drink being hunted by my past someone help me get away What you think I do I buy more drugs in the trunk

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100 thoughts on “YG on Story Behind His 4HUNNID Brand

  1. That’s our old school CHOLO STYLE. Not, skater, punk, crip or blood style. Chicanos started that shit.
    Now thanks to hipsters, all our shit is outrageously priced🤦🏻‍♂️🖕🏽

  2. Why is it that every rapper who comes out with their clothing line ends up with some overpriced shit that their own people can’t afford?!? Y’all ain’t doing shit for your people just like Michael Jordan😂😂👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  3. Everyone wanna hate but your missing the point … It's not about the clothes it's about goals … Set them and make them a reality .. That's was the point ….

  4. YG doing something positive! They think the hood is only full of gangsta ass dummies, BUT NO, THERE ARE LEGIT GOOD AND HIGHLY EDUCATED PEOPLE IN THE “GHETTO”

  5. @7:58 "Attempting urban handshakes with the cool blacks may not always work out in your favour. When in doubt, give a firm single pat on the back and slowly move away"

  6. I'm going to keep it 1000 im from the west coast and niggas did not dress like this in the 90's.What they are wearing is corny as fuck….

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  8. I know people in La ain't wearing that shit he tryna get people shot some stuff yet but not the gang stuff

  9. Its cool he tryin to do somethin new….but damn that is some generic lookin shit hes tryin to put out there

  10. Are people not awake this clothing is MOCKING us being killed hunnid for dinner KILLING LORD GODS ANGELS wake up THEY want us ALL dead . REPENT to YAHUSHA they cannot hunnid for din dins . Do not buy this clothing line MOCKING us big time mocking us while they slaughter us

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