You MUST Sell Private Label Products Here In 2019

hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video I’m going to be explaining to you where
you should be selling your products in 2019 so as I always do with my videos
I’m gonna be giving it to you from my own perspective where I’m selling
products from so that you can kind of just benefit from what I’ve learned from
selling products online my own brand product since 2013 so I’m gonna jump
straight into it now and just give you the two places that you should be
selling your products in 2019 when selling your products online well number
one is Amazon so again you may or may not be aware of Amazon FBA so I’m just
gonna briefly explain it to you I know that most people who watch this channel
already know what Amazon FBA is all about but there might be one or two of
you that don’t know so I’m gonna briefly explain it so basically what FBA stands
for is fulfillment by Amazon and what it allows you to do is send your products
or your own branded products into Amazon’s warehouse and when a customer
orders it then Amazon deliver the product for you so again if you have
your own brand you can get your own branded products manufactured in China
get your products sent from China to Amazon FBA warehouse all over the world
cuz Amazon arraigned you know so many different countries at this stage and
simply wants customer orders your product then Amazon will fulfill this
order for you so it’s really simple how it works and yeah basically it’s the
easiest place to get started when selling your own branded products online
and that’s for the simple reason that Amazon has so much trust built up
already so if customer has never ever heard of your brand products before and
see them on Amazon there’s still buy them because they toast Amazon they
trust Amazon’s customer service they trust Amazon reviews and they just trust
Amazon as an establishment whereas when you go out and start selling your own
brand products first anywhere else customers are a bit wary
of you they don’t know anything about your brand they’ve probably never heard
of you before yeah they just don’t have the same
amount of trust as they would would they come across that on Amazon they don’t
think twice about buying it if that’s what they are looking for so that’s
definitely number one is that you’re selling your products on Amazon simply
for the amount of trust that they have as well as this Amazon just simply make
it very easy to sell across the entire world like before Amazon FBA came along
it will be very difficult to launch products in the US if you’re a base you
know anywhere else around the world so for example if you’re based in Ireland
you would have found it very difficult to sell your own branded products into
the US but Amazon simply make this a lot easier because they have FBA so you can
simply send your products over there and Amazon look after all of the filament as
well as this Amazon and massif in the UK as well as the US and they make it very
easy to sell to Europe so basically all you need is a seller central account in
the UK and you can get your orders fulfilled from the UK and sent across
Europe to all of the different I was on America places in Europe the same goes
for America all you have to do is set up on and you can start seven
your products to customers in America and you can easily stand seven new
products also to customers in Canada and Mexico from your seller
central account as well as this Amazon are always open and numerical places so
it was last year the year before they opened Australia so again Australia
isn’t massive yet but they’re building and slowly and over time Amazon
Australia will become a big market place Japan is another Amazon merica place
that you can sell ah I don’t personally sell on Japan or Australia yet but I
sell on the other ones and yet I just expect Amazon to take over the new
Americas when they go in there because they have the trust built up in the
existing American places already and the way the world is so connected at this
time that word spread so it’s so easy for Amazon to go into a new
Marrakesh and you know just dominate it from the start and that is definitely
what they are doing more and more also it just makes it easier to expand your
brand worldwide and send your sell your products worldwide then basically if you
didn’t have Amazon now the second place that you should be selling on in 2019
and this is one that not many talked about but is through your own sales
funnel so basically what a sales funnel is is your own website but the whole
thing about funnel is that it makes it a lot easier to do split testing and to
upsell and down sell products to people who have already purchased so basically
what it allows you to do is use the data that you’re gathering all the time to
make decisions on how to change your website about to improve at the
conversion rate on your own funnel basically yes you will customers come to
your website that’ll make a purchase and then you can either upsell this customer
or down sell them to a lower ticketed item or upsell them to a higher ticket
item and again all of this is so easy to do nowadays there’s so many different
software’s out there and it’s something that you should definitely be doing and
why funnels are working so much better then your average website is because it
just makes gathering the data so easy so you know how traffic is performing once
it comes to your site and then just making the decisions tweaking around
your site so that it actually converts better for the traffic that you’re
sending to it as well as this you can also have affiliates promoting your
product so that’s anyone with a following can simply promote your
products they can show them to their audience they can explain what your
products are about and when a customer comes on through their link makes a
purchase then the affiliates paid so it’s basically paying for advertisement
through affiliates so get people to actually promote your rigueur products
to their customers and then getting the benefits of receiving Commission if the
customers go on and make purchase and the final point what makes your own
funnel so good as well and why you should be selling offered in 2019 is
retargeting so if you haven’t heard of like retargeting ads they’re very simple
it’s basically anyone who comes to your website you can retag them with an ad so
you can retag with them on Google with Google ads or any website on google you
can retarget them by simply cooking them when they come to your site and you can
also retarget them on Facebook so using Facebook pixels you can pixel them when
they come on to your site and we target them with Instagram ads and Facebook ads
and this is so powerful today because so many people are using social media and
yeah it’s simply a great way for you to be able to use the data that you have
gathered from customers that have visited your site and we target them
with suitable ads you know data-driven ads so you’re not simply just pumping
ads at them that they maybe have no interest in the product you know what
they’re viewed in your site and you can simply run ads to them around these so
yeah that’s pretty much it I really wanted to shoot this video just to kind
of let you know about the different ways that I am selling products in 2019 so
that you can yeah follow along and do the same thing I’ll be putting out a lot
more videos around both of these subjects Amazon FBA as always and as
well as that around funnels the different funnels and building things
that are working for me etc so yeah if you have interest in any
of the courses that are created you can drop down to the description below and
put your name on the weightless so that when I do all these courses again in the
future I wouldn’t notify you when they are open
and that’s the unique private label course and the advanced private label
course both of the links are down in the description below so I hope that you
have enjoyed this video and I look forward to speak to you on the next one

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6 thoughts on “You MUST Sell Private Label Products Here In 2019

  1. Will the trade war with China affect us as Amazon sellers? Regarding added import tax with products to the US from China?

  2. Hi James. My name Terry from Las Vegas.nv. just found your videos and thank you for the great information. My question is. I have a logo to start my brand. Do i send it to amazon so they have it or just put my logo on my products. Thank you james for all your great information. Terry

  3. I like you James, just because you're a normal lad from Dublin making his way on Amazon. You don't blow smoke up my arse about how great you are or something. Your content is always very helpful, I actually use it. Like I go back and work from it

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