YouTube: Our Brand Mission

So, you want some of this, right? Really good? Look at these moments, all of these stories, secrets, revelations from every corner of the world. Every video a chance
to walk in someone else’s shoes. A reminder of
how amazingly generous people are. How hilariously funny and how heartbreakingly vulnerable
humans can be. Thank you guys so much
for being here for me. This is the rawest,
purest, most unfiltered portrait of who we are as people. A celebration of what humans can do. Proof of our potential. A motor for our progress. We only get one chance at life and you’re always gonna be happy if you’re gonna be real with yourself. This is what happens
when you give everyone a voice. A chance to be heard. And a stage to be seen. Julius Yego,
they call him the YouTube man. Whatever your thing is… well, here, it can
become the next big thing. That person
who thought they were no one, they can become someone. That voice
that thought it didn’t matter, well it can start a movement. Even when you feel all alone in the world, it’s here you can
find someone just like you. Days like this is why I started because otherwise
I would just be doing this alone. This is what family’s about right here. That’s the power of YouTube. That’s the power of you. All of you.

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100 thoughts on “YouTube: Our Brand Mission

  1. Put comments back on the videos because channels want people to comment also you took comments off kids videos but this video has kids in it and my channel is by a kid you shouldn't do that you only keep comments on this video because it's yours so bring back comments please because I am raging really hard about this

  2. I love u Youtube…but I don't like it that you took views from BTS boy with luv mv..Then you say that Taylor Swift's mv is officially the mv to hit more views in 24 disappointed..I personally love BTS..But why take views from them?

  3. YouTube Stalinist!
    Putin writes your ops and censorship manual!
    You make proud bolsheviks.

  4. YouTube- We Give Everyone A Voice

    Also YouTube- deletes dislikes and comments on YouTube Rewind 2018 because they want to hide the truth

  5. YouTube why u type my channel name most channels come with not the channel name fix it pls people can't find my channel

  6. Que paso youtube le viajas vistas a bts 😠😠😠😬😬😬😬😡😡😡😲😲😲😲😤😤😤😑😑😑😑

  7. Youtube I have a question
    Why do you want life of luxury off your site?
    Their vids are intresting

  8. they don't care about these issues, they don't care about the people they serve. they just want to turn a profit and will not hesitate to exploit every one of us in the process. profit is priority.

  9. This is definitely a SCAM!! I have tested all hack tools from youtube and only Facebook Password Sniper worked for me. You can look for it on one of the search engines…

  10. Note how the video only has good looking well voiced people that are mostly happy? Ya, that's reality in a nutshell… This is like a beer commercial; shows all the glory and none of the abuse..

  11. You were really hoping people would eat up this fresh load of bs if you guilted them with innocent kids, huh.

  12. good BUT you forget human nature – we are mostly rational social animals and have good and bad instincts which you should take into account – incent the good and disincent the bad. If you back away from this, then you are just a commercial enterprise and should be regulated accordingly.

  13. Olá" Sr. YouTube".
    Venho por meio desta,expor minha insatisfação por vós ,tenho notado que ,os comerciais que cortam os vídeos que temos o maior interesse,tem inúmeros.
    Sinto muito por isso.
    Antes que eu esqueça,essa inutilidade de comerciais, vem justamente no apogeu ,no máximo do assunto.
    Fico triste por vós.
    Essa plataforma outrora era plena.

  14. Their page banner has a dog in a more prominent position than the white man just creeping in at the top. Feminists have destroyed Youtube!! Alphabet, fire them before Youtube goes broke.

  15. "We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice"

    except for people that disagree with us!

    so progressive


  16. i like how this used to be the one of the most disliked video on youtube and when come back to it 2 years later all but 27k of the dislikes have been removed.

  17. There are too many fake follower generators that I can't understand how people fall for these tricks. The only website that works is Gramzilla, tried it myself.

  18. Every time I see the phrases like «Our mission is to give everyone a voice», I watch out — as it is not true in the most situations, including the situation with the «YouTube» platform nowadays.

  19. Comments on your family 🧜🏻‍♂️🎵🎶💔3,927 to day October 07-2019 byMTV app will be a long time so I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

  20. our brand mission is to give our very best to other people…our very bestto make our mission complete…and that is my way to make our brand mission succeed

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