Zebra GX430T Barcode Label Printer Review and Demo

Hey, I’m John, I’m here to talk about the Zebra GX430T desktop printer. Probably, one of the most recognizable desktop thermal transfer printers in the world. (digital jingle) So, this is the Zebra GX430T desktop printer. It’s part of the Zebra performance desktop printer line. The 200 dpi version of this printer is the GX420T and what’s nice about this printer is its size. It has a small footprint which allows you to install it just about anywhere. I mentioned that this printer has a small footprint, it makes it ideal for installing on your desk or on a file cabinet. It also has options available for peel and present, and a cutter. I think this printer is very easy to load, both, the material and the ribbon. (gentle music) As you can see, this does not have a display. Some printers have a display that’s pretty accessible to the user and someone who does not know what they’re doing can get into the printer and change some of the settings, like the the heat setting or the speed setting. This one doesn’t have that option so you don’t have to worry about that. (gentle music) With the GX430T, the benefits and limitations, kinda, go hand in hand. It doesn’t have an LCD screen and if you’re the type of person that likes to have that interaction with the printer this isn’t the printer for you. With the small size comes the small media roll, so you’re not gonna be able to put a eight inch roll of media in this printer. And it’s, kinda, important to note that the label roll holder and the media guide are one construction, so if your roll of media telescopes in this printer you’re gonna experience some print drift. Some of the applications and environments that you’re gonna see the GX430T in is the health care industry. You might see it printing blood bag labels, or you’ll see it in hospitals. I think, just about, every floor, every department of the hospital you’re gonna see multiple GX430T printers. You’ll also see it in manufacturing and in the retail environment printing receipts. It’s also used widely in the transportation and logistics industry. This is a printer that’s gonna be used everyday but not fitted to print 24/7. (gentle music) If you’re looking for a reliable, low cost desktop thermal transfer printer, the Zebra GX430T printer is for you. If you’ve seen our video of the top 10 thermal transfer printers, it’s the least expensive printer on our list. I’ve seen the Zebra GX430T printer used in just about every application in every industry. That tells me that it’s reliable and affordable. If you’d like to know more, check out our blog by clicking on the link in the description. If you haven’t seen our top 10 video, visit our channel. Don’t forget to give me a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe.

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