Zee Tamil Brand Film 1

Koyambedu, the last stop.
Everyone get down! Mom, come. I said I’ll book a flight for
you, but you didn’t listen! Sir, do you need
an auto rickshaw? Welcome, dad.
– Give me your bag, mom. She didn’t come, right? She’s cooking for you at home. Just because I came now, don’t think
that I’ve forgotten the past. Does your wife speak
our language now? Or is it still ‘aaya’ & ‘jaaya’? – Shush..
– What shush? – Grandma! Grandpa!
– Varun!! Come, dear. Look! She has maintained this
house just like ours, right? I don’t remember anything
that I waited to tell you, for the last 6 years,
3 months & 11 days. This heart.. Whatever it doesn’t get, it
keeps longing only for that. Can you accept me? After all these years, why am I the
only one who’s not able to change? It’s only a change of
heart that’s needed, mom. There’s nothing wrong
in changing, right? Let hearts come together.
Let us welcome change.

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71 thoughts on “Zee Tamil Brand Film 1

  1. This ad is film or serial like to watch .its says good and every family situations. If its serial it will be unique than other serials.

  2. Nan zee Tamil ku addict aagiten sembaruthi kaga tha pakka aaramicha sun vijay TV laa ellathathhu zee Tamil ta eruku athu ennanu therula nan sun TV tha papen but 1 year ahh zee TV than

  3. When this ad was came in zee tamil, I was Studying 10th Standard. When I hear this BGM, it reminds me of the days. Now I was Studying 12th.

  4. Idhu movie teaser illaiya ad aa naa kuda movie or web series oda teaser nu nenaichen super. 2017 la vandha dha naa 2020 la da pakkuren

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